Noble AI Traffic

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Installation Instructions:

Make sure you download the correct files for your flightsimulator

Download and Unzip the aircraft pack to your aircraft folder

Download each of the BGL files you want to install
The file names maybe the same, but the FS9 and FSX versions are compiled differently
only download the files for your simulator, and save the file(s)
into {flightsimdirectory}\Scenery\world\scenery folder.
Then restart flightsimulator.

Noble AI traffic is set at different levels between 5% and 50%
If your AI traffic is set below 5% you will not see any, if your AI traffic is set above 50% you will see all
Between 5% and 50% you will varying amounts of Noble AI traffic.


Australia RegionalTrafficNBL-Australia-REG.bglTrafficNBL-Australia-REG.bgl
Australia DomesticTrafficNBL-Australia-DOM.bglTrafficNBL-Australia-DOM.bgl
Australia InternationalTrafficNBL-Australia-INT.bglTrafficNBL-Australia-INT.bgl
Christchurch RegionalTrafficNBL-Christchurch-REG.bglTrafficNBL-Christchurch-REG.bgl
Christchurch DomesticTrafficNBL-Christchurch-DOM.bglTrafficNBL-Christchurch-DOM.bgl
Christchurch InternationalTrafficNBL-Christchurch-INT.bglTrafficNBL-Christchurch-INT.bgl
London RegionalTrafficNBL-London-REG.bglTrafficNBL-London-REG.bgl
London DomesticTrafficNBL-London-DOM.bglTrafficNBL-London-DOM.bgl
London InternationalTrafficNBL-London-INT.bglTrafficNBL-London-INT.bgl